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Our Coffee Beans Are Carefully Selected from Different Countries so this collection has a range of tastes to keep any coffee lover satisfied.

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These beautiful Nicaraguan coffee beans have been grown and harvested by independent smallholders in Jinotega. This is a medium bodied and fruity coffee that has been carefully Roasted to bring out the delicious flavours of apricot and grapefruit.


This is a delicious medium roasted single origin Honduran coffee. A clean smooth coffee, with bright acidity, mellow body and a caramel finish. A very sweet expresso , with notes of golden syrup and lemon with a buttery taste.

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Made from 100% robusta coffee beans, this flavoursome coffee has a delicious nutty, toasted grain flavour and aroma, with a hint of caramel, and a woody earthy finish. It has an acidity level of 5 and the strength of level 6.