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The finest freshly roasted coffee beans sourced from the best coffee plantation's around the world.

Origin: Kenya

Estate: Samburu Estate

Varietal: SL-28 / SL-34

Grade: AA

Cetification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed

Tasting Notes: Bright citrus, lemon acidity, black currant, spice, nutmeg, great intense body/balance clean, chocolate, sugar cane aftertaste

Roasting Notes: Versatile range of roast profiles, but best at full city to avoid loosing any of the sugar cane notes

Origin: Ethiopia

Estate: Various Djimmah Estates

Varieties: Heirloom Varietals

Grade: G5

Cetification: RFA

Processing: Natural Process

Roast Profile: 2

Cupping Notes:

Unique flavours are enjoyed with this coffee, it has a low acidity (for an ethiopian coffee) and has notes of hibiscus and medicinal notes to follow. A short finish with a notable nutmeg aroma.







Origin: Rwanda
Estate: Various Smallholders
Varietal: Bourbon & Typica
Grade: Scr15-18
Cetification: Conventional
Processing: Fully Washed

Roast Profile: 4
Tasting Notes: Sharp fruit, smooth body and lingering finish

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Origin:  Costa Rica

Crop: 2018

Estate: Santa Anita Estate

Owner: Juan Manuel Sanchez Benavidez

Region: Naranjo, West Valley

Altitude: 1300-1350 masl

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai

Harvest: Oct-Feb

Certification: RFA

Processing: Fully Washed


Roast Profile: 3


Cupping Notes: Vanilla, citrus, lively acidity, rich body, well balanced, tropical fruit, toffee, caramel. Very sweet as it cools.

Crafted from 100% Arabia beans 

From Brazil.

This Coffee has a rich and luxurious

Smooth texture with flavours of 

Almond, wild limes and ripe summer





Origin: Peru SHB

Estate: Gonzilla

Altitude: 1100-1800 masl

Varietal: Typica

Grade: G1

Certification: FT

Processing: Wet Processed

Tasting Notes: Creamy body with fruity overtones, mild acidty, spicy aromas and a good long clean finish.

Roasting Notes: A range of roasts between 1st & 2nd crack work well due to its low acidity.


100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia making

a traditional expresso.

A rich and thick crema with a chocolate and spicy flavour.


A blend of 50% Brazilian Arabica and 

50% Vietnamese Robusta beans, 

Perfect as an everyday drink. High 

In body and light in acidity, this Coffee is 

Smooth and sweet with flavours of

Spice, chocolate and cinnamon notes.

Roast profile strong / dark 

Strength 4 / 5





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Origin: Colombia

Region: Bucaramanga/Huilla/Medellin

Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Grade: Excelso EP

Cetification: RFA

Processing: Wet Processed

Roast Profile: 3

Cupping Notes:

Rich acidity, medium-bodied, citrusy flavor, Aromas of sweet caramel and green grape with a clean and sweet aftertaste

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  • Coffee Name/Type: Yirgacheffe - Washed Grade 2
  • Country of Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region/Area: Sidama, Sidamo
  • Altitude: Minimum (Meters above sea-level): 1700
  • Altitude: Maximum (Meters above sea-level): 2200
  • Process: Washed
  • Average Rainfall: 1600-1900mm
  • Temperature: Average Annual Temperatures: 22-28 
  • Miller Name: Durmerso Washing Station
  • Farmer: Name: Belcho Rufo
  • Varietal: Local selected variety
  • Flavor: Aroma, floral and sweet
  • Cup Profile: Sweet flavour and aroma with a light to medium body
  • Cupping Score: 86
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The Swiss Water decaffeination process is a very effective and non-chemical way of removing the caffeine from coffee, but at the same time maintaining the flavour and characteristics of the coffee.  The superb, nutty and sweet character of Colombian coffee is maintained in a natural and delicate way.  For this, you must pay more, but you gain a lot.  A fine coffee.

The Swiss Water process involves placing the top grade coffee beans in pure water with soluble coffee components. It is kept in this state for around 12 hours until 99% of the caffeine has diffused out from the bean while maintaining the essential flavours. The absence of chemicals makes this a very popular process as the most natural and pure form of decaffeination.


A blend of 100% Arabica beans from 

Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil. 

A premium Coffee, smooth and bursting with 

The flavours of fruit, almonds and 

Sugar cane.

It has light floral top notes with good 

Body and acidity.


A delightful blend of 100% Arabica beans 

Rich and vibrant with intense flavours

Of dark chocolate and festive spices.

Roast profile 4

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A strong full bodied Sumatran coffee from one of the worlds oldest plantations. Deep rich earthy flavour with subtle notes of chocolate and lime citrus. 100% Arabica bean.

Dark roast.


An intensely flavoured Coffee bean 

with hints of dark chocolate and red berries, 

underpinned with rich spicy notes, 

a full bodied cup with excellent crema 

and deep smokey aroma. 

Medium to Dark roast.