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At 2020 Coffee Company, we understand that not everyone can enjoy caffeinated coffee. That's why we offer a delightful selection of decaffeinated coffee blends, carefully crafted to deliver the same premium taste without the caffeine kick.

Our Decaffeinated Coffee Blends

Indulge in the rich flavours of our decaffeinated coffee blends, perfect for those looking for a smooth and aromatic experience without the caffeine.

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Explore our range of decaffeinated coffee blends and treat yourself to a satisfying coffee experience without the caffeine buzz.


Brazil Cerrado Swiss Water decaf coffee refers to a decaffeinated coffee sourced from the Cerrado region of Brazil. The Swiss Water process is a chemical-free method of decaffeination that removes caffeine while preserving the flavour profile of the coffee beans. This decaf coffee from Brazil is known for its smooth, rich flavour with notes of chocolate and nuts, making it a popular choice for those looking to enjoy coffee without the caffeine.

This decaf blend consists of 60% Arabica beans from Colombia and 40% Robusta beans from India, processed using the Swiss water method which is a chemical-free method of decaffeination. This blend offers a rich and balanced flavour profile with notes of chocolate without the caffeine, making it a great option for those looking to enjoy coffee without the stimulant.